Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby Care Nursing Pillows: A True Must-Have For Moms

There is no comparison to the wonderful feeling of being a mother and having a child.  Having a baby is a very fulfilling and a rewarding experience for a woman and there is nothing like the bond between a child and it’s mother.  After the baby is born, breastfeeding the baby is sure to follow.  Breastfeeding is one of the special things you will share with your baby and it is best that you savor this time since it helps you develop a strong bond with your baby.

Though as much as mothers like breastfeeding and nursing the baby, it may seem a hard task for some mothers to breastfeed them especially if the baby is not cooperating.  Now there are many baby stores out there that sell baby care nursing pillows to help aid mothers in feeding their babies.

Why Are Baby Care Nursing Pillows Made?

Baby care nursing pillows were designed to be a soft and circular cushion where you could safely put your baby to be fed.  They raise the baby up to the nipple level so that mommies do not have to hunch over while feeding them, avoiding arm and back pain.

The good thing about baby care nursing pillows is that they are made to be lightweight and portable.   Even guests can use it by placing the baby on it while feeding with baby bottles.  Some of the fabrics that these wonderful pillows are made from ranges from fleece, velvet, and cotton, promising your baby to have a comfortable and soft nest

Popular Baby Care Nursing Pillows

One of the most popular nursing pillows on the market today is the Luvee nursing pillow, which guarantees comfort and cost-efficiency for parents.  Also, the Luvee nursing pillow has a patented safety device to keep your baby protected while you feel comfortable.  These Luvee nursing pillows costs less than $40 each, a true must-have for a mom.

Another popular nursing pillow brand is the My Best Friend nursing pillow, which has also received rave reviews from breastfeeding mothers.  It has an adjustable strap, a firm flat surface, and a front pocket for moms.  It can be machine washed since it has a cotton cover that unzips all the way around.

Just remember, that nothing can beat the care and love a mother can give her baby.  Start this relationship out right with baby care nursing pillows, a true must-have for new mothers.

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